Landing Page Shopping

Landing Page Shopping – “sell with only one click”

With our solution you can sell directly to your customers´mobile divices. The transaction will be secure through PayPal. The incomes are going straight to you bank account, Xopik doesn´t charge any fee.


Choose if you want to sell: one product (landing shopping) or multiple (landing catalogue)

Landing “Shopping”


  • Determine how many units you want to sell
  • Determine the special offer and validity
  • Send an interactive SMS to your clients
  • The buying botton will disappear when one of this situations occurs:
  • All that clients who purchased will receive a PayPal receipt as a proof of their purchase
  • From your account profile you can check and follow the sales.

Landing “Catalogue”


  • Determine the variety of the products/services you want to offer: don´t forget that your clients will see the offer on their mobiles and they are not willing to scroll the screen many times
  • Decide the discount you want to offer to each of them
  • All that clients that have purchased will receive a receipt from PayPal as proof of their purchase
  • From your profile account you can check and follow the sales.