Landing Page : “Flyer Promotional”

Would you like your flyers to be interactive and deliver them only to the persons you want? and what about you could design a flyer in only 60 seconds?

These are only a few examples for those who Xopik has created the Interactive SMS solution, your imagination is the limit.

It will be possible:

  • create an SMS linked to a landing page
  • the landing page will allow your clients to:
    • call you directly
    • to send an email
    • to see a video of your products/services
    • to find your location on the map and trace a path
    • they can share it with their friends



Determine what you want to communicate to your clients. Keep in mind that we all receive a lot of information.

  • generate quality information
  • don´t forget about the design, a good image/picture communicates a better message
  • short content, keep in mind that your clients will read a message on their mobile device


And if you need help our agents can design your campaigns.

Analyze your results


The new technologies allow analyzing what was the impact of your campaigns.

  • how many persons have opened the landing page
  • their location (requires acceptance from behalf of the client)
  • what interactive buttons did they press: call, check map, email, video…

With this information in mind you can analyze how your target audience react:

  • what are their favorite campaigns
  • the perfect time to reach them
  • at what hour are they near to your business