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OfiXopik | OfiXopik | Landing Page Loyalty

Landing Page Loyalty

Solutions to “Maintain your clients´ loyalty”

Did you know that to attract a new customer is 7 times more expensive than maintain him? Here you have a range of solutions to retain your customers and helping you to increase your outcomes from your own database.

Happy birthday!

Say Happy Birthday to your clients automatically and without any worries.

  • Fill in the birthday field of your contacts in your address book
  • write a content with the greeting (don´t forget that the platform allows customized messages)
  • decide if you want to send the message on their birthday or in advance
  • select the option to activate the service
  • all your contacts that have filled in the birthday field, when they celebrate their birthday will receive the greeting

Control over your campaigns


Be sure that your promotions are used only for your target audience, inserting a secret voucher code, customized and automatically generated by the platform

The clients can show this code at your selling point to take advantage of the promotion.  You will have a verification system to have control on your sent vouchers.

Ideal to reward your best clients: Christmas campaigns, limited promotions…the limit is your imagination.

Set up reminders adapted to your business



At Xopik we know that each business have different needs. Examples:

  • in a car workshop it´s important the VIT due date
  • at a kids clothing shop: the birthday of the children
  • at the restaurant: the date for an annual celebration
  • a catering service: the date of an event or annual meeting
  • in your business for sure are dates that repeat each year

Therefore, our solution allows the configuration of up to 3 notifications per year in which you can send automatic reminders to your customers, so they can purchase again on your site.

Send information only to your target audience


Our solution includes tools which allows you to screen the information sent only to that persons you want to receive it, only with a few clicks. You can screen your database according to:

  • age
  • gender
  • zip code
  • groups with similar clients´profile

Furthermore, all your messages sent can be customised the way you want: name, surname, city,..etc so that your customers receive a special attention.


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