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OfiXopik | OfiXopik | Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution

The most complete solution for “Interactive SMS” Mobile Marketing

Xopik is the online most advanced Mobile Marketing SMS to entice your clients and increase sales.

  • Integrated solution to Attract, Promote, Sale and Retain.
  • Direct, fast and effective: Design and send your mobile campaigns in 60 seconds.
  • Published surveys show that the opening rate is of 90% compared with email 10%
  • Intuitive and easy use from Xopik web platform
  • Discover, measure and improve your campaigns with the statistics of the web page

Opening rate of emails


Opening rate of SMS

Main features

Become the backbone of the solution and allow sending interactive SMS online with only one click. Include the following features:


Landing Promotion

Interactive SMS Flyer

Create and launch easily your best campaigns and interactive actions with pre-designed templates: Call; Email; Map; SMS Reply; Video

soluciones xopik agenda

Outlined agenda

Automatically import your database. Create and divide groups by interest criteria, this will allow you to direct your messages to the target audience. Screen the information by age, gender and zip code.

soluciones xopik envio

Instant or scheduled sending

Create when you want your campaigns and schedule the sending by date and hour or launch them in real-time. Schedule, or if you wish send instantly your messages.

codigo cupon

Customized voucher code

  • Decide your target audience for your campaigns, add a secret voucher code and will take advantage only the clients you have chose
  • Add the voucher verification system

Reminders and Happy Birthdays

Say Happy Birthday to your clients automatically and create reminders to increase further sales


Delivery Notification

Deliverying status and receiving confirmation for your campaigns. Find out how many and whom of your clients have received your SMS.

Advanced Features

If you require more power here are some advanced optional features at your fingertips:


Mobile Shopping

Launch your special offers and set the price, discounts, validity, available stock. Enable the buying option with only one “click” for your clients from your Smartphone. PayPal or credit card payment.

sms catalogue

SMS Catalogue (MultiShopping)

Allows you to sell different items with only one SMS sent, with shopping cart and automatically sum in the basket. PayPal or credit card payment.

sms lead

SMS Lead Sales Contacts

Create your own customized form to obtain clients information. Ideal for contests, events, loyalty where you require more details of the clients.

soluciones xopik estadisticas

Statistics and analytics

Analyze the impact of your campaigns. Find out how many clients have visited your promotions, the actions that they have taken, where they are located, with what devices.

soluciones xopik envio

SMS Memory

From your calendar you can set up actions, events, reminders by sending scheduled SMS to your target audience.


Master Account

Master account with admin profile access will allow you to login, monitor and manage the accounts of your clients from different selling points.