Easily design your promotions with our manager predesigned templates that will help in the design process, insert it into the body of sms and send your marketing campaign to all your contacts and customers.

Easy, spectacular and effective!

What is Xopik Mobile Marketing?

The most advanced professional SMS Marketing platform that will certainly help you to engage customers, loyalty and increase your sales!

  Want to send simple SMS or really want to engage customers?

Xopik is the solution for next-generation mobile marketing that goes far beyond traditional SMS marketing  platform with advanced features that make it a highly effective solution to entice your customers and increase your sales.

How it works?

Create landing pages with web predesigned templates optimized for mobile devices accessible via a link (Short-Link) that appears inserted automatically in the SMS text.

Our pre-designed templates allow you to create different types of promotions, as:

  • Digital Promotions (interactive Flyers)
  • Promotions Contact Form (Lead Generation)
  • Statistics and analytics of your campaigns.
  • Etc ..
xopik landings

Some references…

logo nominalia
logo efe
logo yoigo
logo expansion
logo bureau veritas
logo movistar
logo infofranquicias
logo el mundo
logo geox
logo agencias comunicacion
logo ara
logo catalana occidente
logo la vanguardia
logo rac1
logo eca
logo el periodico
logo onda inversion
logo beep